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Best 5 Types of Carpet Cleaning Methods Used by Companies

Methods of cleaning used by different carpet cleaning companies are the base which distinguishes them from the rest. Greater the efficiency of the method used greater will be the consumer base for the company. So if you own any carpet cleaning company , then make sure that your cleaning methods are the only one of their kind.

Also, consumer choice selection largely depends on upon the cleaning methods used by any firm. So to make your choice selection easier here is the top 5 carpet cleaning methods used by the carpet cleaningcompanies :

1: Carpet Shampooing

This method involves shampooing the dirty carpet to remove every little dirt or stain present in it. This existed as a popular carpet cleaning technique before the 1970s when finally it was overtaken by Encapsulation Method. Besides cleaning the carpet, shampooing used to give a more shiny and fresh look to the carpet. This was a plus point for this method. But inspite of all this, it had a disadvantage that it used to leave a large wet foam residue on the carpet even after cleaning it with water, making it look completely different from the former look.


2: Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

In this method , a highly pressurized hot water beam is made to strike the carpet fibre so that all the dirt can be removed from the carpet through dissolution. This is also known as Steam Carpet cleaning method.

A cleaning solution is first applied tothe carpet followed by brushing it thoroughly and ends at rinsing. Solution/ cleaning agent is made to settle on the carpet first and then is rinsed with the cleaning equipment . This eliminates a lot of pollutants and dirt content from the carpet, and that’s why is a great cleaning method.

3: Encapsulation

This is also one of the best cleaning methods used by the professionals. Synthetic detergents arethe basic component of this cleaning. These detergents can crystallise into solid powdered foam on drying, and this is its best take. Carpets after applying the detergents are left undisturbed for some time. The loosely bound dust particles encapsulate in powder when the detergent foam dries. This foam is then brushed aside with the help of a specific equipment used for the same. Encapsulation method overtook carpet shampooing because it needs less water than the shampooing. Also, encapsulation is an eco-friendly method of cleaning as no solid residue is left behind on the carpet after cleaning is finished, unlike the shampooing method.

4: Bonnet Cleaning

Bonnet cleaning is a surface cleaning method where a powerful machine with a spinning pad does its work. This spinning pad is rotated with the help of a motor inside the machine.

Sometimes, it becomes hard to take out the entire carpet and then clean it. So this machine removes all the loosely bound pollutants on the carpet surface .It is not a completely dry process because the pad is immersed in a cleaning solution also to absorb the dirt from inside the carpet fibre. This is the reason why this method is very much used in hotels. It also leaves behind some residue on the carpetbecause the high-pressure spinning pad pushes the chemicals and cleaning agents into the carpet material due to which carpet start looking unpleasant .

5: Dry Carpet Cleaning

This is one of the latest and most popular cleaning methodused in theprofessional market. Not only it isefficient in cleaning but also in saving the drying time needed by the carpets. This is also known as Compound cleaning and uses a variety of powders and cleaning agents to clean carpets.
The major key point of this method is that the cleaning powder is applied at the bottom of the carpetusing amotorized counter-rotatingbrush machine which agitates the carpet fibrethereby allowing powder to enter inside the carpet and ensure better deep cleaning.

The cleaning solution is a biodegradable one who acts like a sponge and thus absorbs the dissolved dirt particles from the carpet. This is the reason why this method opts more over others.

So on the basis of all these methods you can simply make choices regarding whom to give your cleaning contracts or not in the future. So choose wisely as per your requirements and to receive your carpet in the best form.

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